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When You Believe In Jesus

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We hope you can find everything you need on this Christian website of  CMJGH.   Our aim is reaching those who are lost and Broken Hearted by sharing the  joy and peace and love in knowing that Jesus Christ who sacrifice his life for all who want to be free in knowing the Truth for the Truth will make you free.  Not in bondage, for the chains will be broken when you find out the Truth and this is what our ministry is all about. We Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through by Internet Television and Radio Broadcast.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit anointing in laying on hands to those who are sick and lost and oppress and broken hearted.  Therefore we  Preach the Gospel the Word of God and Evangelize in the Gospel to the lost.  We reach out to those who have given up on hope.  We focused on Faith Hope and Love in providing A service by sharing the Word of God and by finding the experiences and miracles of signs and wonders in what Jesus Christ came here for. That by sharing what he could do and letting us know that we can do greater things then he.  This he The Word who came in Flesh and die for all our sins to give us Hope that there is a better life in God's Kingdom. So won't you join us and participate with us in this exciting Endtimes because this world is fading away and we are in the Last Days and the Harvest is Ripe.  We have a Telethon Broadcast also every third Saturday.  This is a chance for those who would seed into the soil of this ministry and by helping us to expand our ministry.  By doing so the blessing of this minsitry will flow over to bless you also.  So come join us and have a Hallelujah good time in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  Please feel free to contact us.

We hope to see you come again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more Blessing to come!

SPAIN PALMA DE MALLORCA WITH PASTOR GAIL WRIGHT   Ministering To Singles and Married Relationships.

LongFord Ireland with Pastor Gail Wright  Seek the Lord's Face 
And Worship Him With all your Heart




In Dublin Ireland Pastor Gail Wright  This Video was done in Italy with Pastor Gail Wright
The Thorn that comes to try to hinder, but cannot stop what God has Ordains

You Have Been Sealed and Marked: By Pastor Gail Wright   Pastor Gail Wright takes you through the teachings of the Promises of Jesus Christ and what he Instructed the disciples.

The Importance Of Committment: By Pastor Gail Wright  "The Importance of Committment" 2007 We often fail to understand what committment is in our Lord God's eye sight even in the marital vows

We are starting with Pt 1. of the Seder Dinner that my friend Pastor Jack is Presenting.  We look forward in presenting to you Pt 2. of next weeks Video, so stay tune for our upcoming views.